Jun 21 – Jul 22


Caution with your feelings is one thing, but refusing to let yourself feel vulnerable is another – and it's a killer! Listen to your instincts about this new situation – they should tell you what to do. If you feel anxious, talk about everything (and your new plans) with someone close who has given you a few reality checks previously. If all goes well, get ready to open up.

Ah, extravagance. Do something really excessive for yourself at the week's start. Too much of a good thing, a wise woman once said, can be wonderful. And you totally deserve it. (Just make sure, of course, that you can afford it.) Midweek, don't worry about whether people are going to think you're showing off. You never show off. They know that. At the end of the week, you're going to start to appreciate the value in the small things again. It's going to be the details that really count. On Saturday or Sunday, you might have a run-in with a neighbor, but turn on the charm and everything will end smoothly.

Forward-thinking Uranus goes direct on January 2, changing the energy ever so slightly from rule follower to nonconformist. Let’s be honest, though. You’re probably never going to be a hardcore dissident, right? But you might branch out in your own way by doing something completely unusual - for you. And that’s pretty cool!

Talkative Mercury settles into Capricorn on the eleventh, which makes your communications buttoned up and quite serious. It isn’t that you don’t have a sense of humor, but you don’t see the point in making jokes when there are actual critical discussions to have and crucial decisions to make.

Mercury merges with mysterious Pluto on January 24, at which point you could decide to whisper your true intentions (or keep them secret altogether). The less people know about your private plans the better, and telling even one unsuspecting soul (including your trusted BFF) could compromise the mission.

There’s a very interesting Leo full moon (and blue moon) on the thirty-first that gets in the way of accomplishing a goal. Distractions are everywhere, so it isn’t a surprise that you haven’t finished everything on your plate. It’s also understandable. You may have a valid excuse, but you probably won’t need to use it.

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