Dec 22 – Jan 19


A new financial possibility seems quite appealing, but it's not like you to rush into anything – and this isn't a good time to start! Before you invest or make any other decisions, use your critical faculties. Read up some more, find folks who've been there before and ask some hard questions. Most people are quite helpful when they see that you mean business – and that you're committed to thinking both short- and long-term.

It's Monday and you're having a tough time motivating yourself to do anything except stare out the window. (It's a nice view, truly.) Not only are you lost in thought about other things, but everyone you work with is starting to get a little difficult, and it doesn't seem worth the effort. Worry not – by Wednesday and Thursday, everyone will be on the same level again. On Friday, you're going to hear from someone you haven't heard from in a while, and the conversation is going to be a blast from the past. You'll spend the weekend thinking about the good old days.

You aren’t entirely comfortable during the kind, compassionate Cancer full moon (and supermoon) on January 1, but absorbing some of that warmth can help you be a little more compassionate and understanding when the occasion calls for it. You aren’t ever going to be the warm, fuzzy type, but you aren’t made of stone either.

When Mercury tours your sign beginning on the eleventh, your communications get even more accurate (if that’s possible). You’re on top of every little typo, and you may rerecord voicemails more than once before hitting “send.” Whatever it is you’re doing, you’re committed to doing it as many times as it takes to get it right.

Financial matters could go slightly sideways when money manager Venus enters unconventional Aquarius on January 17, but keeping things fluid is key. Cling to long-term goals when you do any kind of financial tweaking, and don’t do anything that can’t be undone if you change your mind about it later.

Powerful Mars moves from focused Scorpio to sometimes scattered Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth, leaving you struggling to find your footing. While you prefer to concentrate on one thing at a time, you are an expert multitasker, so you should have everything under control in no time.

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