Apr 20 – May 20


Your well-planned approach – to work, to your love life or to an issue with a good friend – is about to run up against someone else's beliefs about how things ought to be done. Your natural reaction is to stick to your guns and argue for your way – which is, after all, the best way. Still, diplomacy is essential right now. Allow them to make a contribution – maybe by joining the two approaches.

Monday and Tuesday, you might have a power struggle to deal with. What is with people and their power trips over the silliest stuff? Well, there's not much you can do about it. Try to defuse the situation by taking the high road midweek. Not every battle is worth your time. And besides, come Thursday, you'll have forgotten about all this. You'll be too distracted by romance. You and someone special are going to spend some time at a concert or art show, and you're going to have an amazing time. All weekend you'll be basking in the glow of happiness.

Your family and other loved ones are very dear to you during the Cancer full moon (and supermoon) on January 1, and you do what’s necessary to protect them and your close personal relationships. Domestic happiness and security are your top priority, and you have no hesitation about setting aside other projects to focus on them full time.

Communicative Mercury glides into practical Capricorn on the eleventh, making your interactions extremely precise. You arrive when and where you say you will, and you don’t appreciate anyone wasting your time (even if they have a good excuse).

The Aquarius sun on January 19 gives you the go-ahead to make some outside the norm moves, and it feels kind of good to let your freak flag fly. You’re normally so buttoned up that no one will expect you to do something completely out of left field. The element of surprise works in your favor.

Mercury merges with secretive Pluto on the twenty-fourth, so you have almost an obsessive need to find out the truth. You’ll go to great lengths to make sure someone isn’t lying to you, but playing detective has its own share of headaches. Make sure you really want to know the info before you uncover it, because the truth can sting.

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